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Handala Campaign

This page is filled with resources that you can use to take Handala to the streets! May 15th is the International Day of Action. Learn more about this special day by clicking here.


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Handala Campaign

These sticker templates are meant to be printed on full-sheets of self-adhesive paper that you can feed through a standard computer printer. Or you can print on regular paper and use wheatpaste to adhere the stickers to any surface.

There is the option to print two half-page sized stickers or 8 smaller sized stickers. make sure your printer is set to print in the landscape orientation.

Handala Sticker - Small
Size: 8 per page
Download: PDF | JPEG

Handala Sticker - Large
Size: 2 per page
Download: PDF | JPEG

This printable sign is meant to be print on standard letter-sized paper and is ideal for putting in windows, affixing to telephone/light poles, or wheatpasting on walls.

Commemorate The Nakbah Window Sign
Size: Standard Letter Paper
Download: PDF | JPEG
Handala Cartoon Window Sign
Size: Standard Letter Paper
Download: PDF | JPEG

If you are planning on commemorating the Nakbah as part of a public display, you can use this banner to show your support.

Remember The Nakbah Banner
Size: About 12.5 ft x 5 ft
Download: PDF

Printable Info Sheets
These sheets can be printed out and shared with others to provide information about Handala, Naji Al-Ali, and the Handala Campaign.

Fact Sheet about the Palestinian Right To Return
Download (PDF)

Take Handala to the Streets: International Day of Action Info Sheet
Download (PDF)

Let This Child Return Home

Contact us at info@handala.org